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  • Standalone Apps and Websites
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  • Comprehensive design services
  • No cost per student or club/organisation member
  • One off set up fee of $195 on our Smartlink Platform
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The Smartlink School App is an important tool that allows schools to communicate with their immediate community in an efficient, cost free, real time manner. Both the schools themselves as well as the parents and community benefit from The Smartlink School App. 

Send instant messages to target groups within your school community eg; teachers, Year 1 parents, Year 2 parents, Pre-School parents, Secondary School students and parents, administration and other staff members.

No more lost notices, newsletters or excursion forms buried in the bottom of school bags only to resurface the day before the event. All relevant documents instantly available on any mobile phone or device via your school's Smartlink School App.

No need to scramble around in the morning trying to find a piece of paper to write an absentee note for your sick child. Send an absentee note electronically - directly from your Smartlink School App.


  • Announcements
  • Newsletters
  • Term Planners
  • Canteen Menus
  • Electronic Absentee Notices
  • School Terms
  • Public Holidays
  • E-Forms
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Sporting and Business Associations often have a number of different groups, clubs and or departments to which they must maintain constant and uniform communication. This creates it's own unique challenges, especially when each of these sub-entities request a different form of communication.

Our unique personally branded and standalone Mobile App platform and CMS combination enables all sub - entities to be on the same uniform communication channel no matter what their preference or mobile device. 


  • Announcements
  • Newsletters
  • Calendar Events
  • E - Forms
  • Rosters and Schedules
  • Social Media
  • Business Directory
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Business & Private Enterprise

The Smart Link App can be applied to benefit any business, organization or institution that has a body of members/students/participants/network personnel, and, where a need exists to continually inform and advise them of updates and new information relating to the group.

The aim of the Smart Link App system is to provide an easy and effective way to distribute essential communication from the administration of the group, directly into the palms of its members’ hands.

Not only is The Smart Link App system an effective way for administrators to send out information to their members, it is also a more convenient and accurate way for staff/members to receive, retain, diarize, and/or action relevant information.

  • Announcements
  • Newsletters
  • Event Calendars
  • E-Forms
  • Rosters, Schedules, Timetables
  • Social Media
  • Meeting Venues & Locations
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Clubs & Community Groups

The Smart Link App is an important tool that allows Sporting Clubs and Community Groups to communicate with their members, participants, players, support staff, administration, management and sponsors in an efficient, cost free, real time manner.

The Smart Link App can be applied to benefit any Sports Club and Community Group where a need exists to continually inform and advise of updates and new information relating to their members. Move venues, cancel training, change game start times ... all just a click away.

Send instant messages to target groups eg; Coaches, U11’s Parents and Players, U15’s Parents and Players, U17’s Parents and Players, Managers, Trainers, Group Leaders, Committee / Board Members.

We can also show you how your sporting club can utilise the Smartlink App to generate income and sponsorship dollars.

  • Announcements
  • Newsletters
  • Event Calendars
  • Training Information
  • Fixtures and Results
  • Club Contact Details
  • Ground and Venue Locations 
  • Live Weather Reports
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Generate Income with Your App


We can also show you how your school, sporting club and community group can utilise the
Smartlink App to generate additional Income and Sponsorship Funds.

what people say

  • Sarah Fawcett Education Support Centre
    Fantastic, user-friendly app! In moving with the times our little school has embraced that next level of communication where our community has easy access to school calendars, newsletters and canteen menus, to mention a few features. The password-accessibility allows us to communicate with all staff via... Read More
  • Leigh Slabosz Mullaloo Beach Primary
    I am so grateful to Smartlink for the set up of our new school app and website. It is easy to use and easy to access. Positive feedback has come from the school community about the design and content.
  • Mark Leith St Mary's College
    I have found SmartLink helpful and responsive, quick to respond to changes we have needed. We are able to communicate with our school community instantly and also in a timed flow of information.
  • Evelyn Byford East Beechboro Primary School
    The SmartLink has completely transformed the communication process for East Beechboro Primary School. By providing us with a user friendly School App and Website, we are able to instantly connect with more of our school community than we ever have. Furthermore, as the App links directly to our school... Read More
  • Jason Wilson President Warriors Netball Club
    My dealings with Wade and the team at the smart link have been nothing but positive and his ability to but technical terms in easy to understand and follow instructions really helped allow us as a sporting club to encourage our parents to embrace the technology that the app provides. We look forward to... Read More

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